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My Annoying Brother (2016) Subtitle Indonesia

Release on Dec 31st 2016 Posted by eric kurniawan

Sinopsis :

Doo-Sik (Cho Jung-Seok) is in prison for fraud. His younger step-brother Doo-Young (Do Kyung-Soo) is a promising judo athlete, but an injury during a competitive match causes Doo-Young to lose his eyesight. Doo-Sik appears in front of the parole board and uses his step-brother’s injury to plead for his release. Doo-Sik gets his release on the condition that he takes care of Doo-Young for 1 year.

Doo-Young lives alone in his family’s home. Both of his parents passed away. Since losing his eyesight, Doo-Young has shut himself away from the world. His former judo coach Soo-Hyun (Park Shin-Hye) is the only one that still keeps in contact with Doo-Young. After 15 years, Doo-Sik suddenly appears back at home and the two brothers begin to live together again .. even though they hate each other.

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Info My Annoying Brother (2016)

Korean Title: 형

Genre :

Casts: Cho Jung-Seok (Ko Doo-Sik) Do Kyung-Soo (Ko Doo-Young) Park Shin-Hye (Lee Soo-Hyun)

Type: Movie


Aired on: November 24, 2016

Duration: 110 min.

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